Ranges used by ORA

There are several clubs, associations, etc. that are affiliated with the ORA in one way or another. Among these are:

Mons Range

Situated in the quiet pine forests of Base Borden you will find Mons Range. Mons range allows shooting of nearly any legal rifle, even .50 cal. The ranges that can be shot are from 100 yards to 1000 yards. All rifle shooters are welcome Target Rifle, Blackpowder, F-Class, Precision, Service Rifle,Swiss Rifle and Vintage. Only an about hour’s drive from Toronto, Mons is well situated for many shooters. 




Cedar Springs Rifle Range

Situated by the lake at Cedar Springs Ontario and nestled between a corn field and a forest this range is a joy to shoot at. Put the beautiful location with a great club and you have a glorious place to visit.

Check out the current practice and major match dates for the club on our Event Calendar.


Winona Rifle Range

The Winona Rifle Range is located in Winona Ontario, on Baseline Road. The Canadian military maintains a 300M rifle range on the edge of Lake Ontario, and is accessed off the QEW at the exits for Fifty Road or Casablanca Drive.

The range was recently renovated. This is a beautiful range to shoot at for beginners looking to shoot at 300M with minimal wind, or experienced shooters looking to practice holding, aiming, trigger control and release without the added challenge of significant wind reading. Most of the shooting takes place next to line of trees, so the wind has tended to be lower than other open ranges.

In 2012, in addition to practices for ORA members, a number of discipline shoots are planned throughout the year.

At Winona, it is mandatory for hearing and eye protection on the firing point, so don’t forget your safety glasses.

Non-ORA members are welcome to attend a practice provided they contact the ORA representative below ahead of time, and pay the $45.00 guest fee. See the FAQ page for more information about non-ORA members attending practices or shoots.

On a typical full day shoot, we arrive at 8am, do the range and butts set up and have the safety briefing by the RSO around 845am. A break for lunch and afternoon shooting and then tear down and clean up, we are finished the day by 4pm. Depending on the number of shooters, we run two relays in the morning and two in the afternoon. Each relay lasts about 75 minutes, so there is lots of time for shooting.

Evening shoots follow a shortened schedule, We are typically shootinging by 530pm, and wrap up by 830pm. We usually run two relays in an evening.


Kingston Rifle Range

Regular practices are held at the Barriefield Range, 65 Craftsman Blvd. Kingston Ontario, located within the confines of CFB Kingston. Practices are shot between 300 and 600 yards based on the needs of the shooters at the time. In addition to regular practices Kingston hosts 2 matches a year which fill to capacity quickly, so book early to reserve a spot.

We invite all our members to attend a practice or match in Kingston while your family is off enjoying historic downtown Kingston and the waterfront.


Check the event calendar for current practice and match dates for all ORA events.


Proof of ORA membership is required at all ORA practices and matches, please ensure that you have your membership card with you.


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