Wind Reading Course

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The Ontario Rifle Association will be running a Wind /Mirage clinic on the Kingston range on May 30, 2015 for ORA and non ORA members. 

Required equipment:
Scoped rifle capable of a 5 round sub-MOA group at 100 yards or better and capable of getting to 600 yards
Bi-pod/front rest
Back bag/Mono-pod
50 rounds of ammo
Come ups for 300 and 600 yards
Pens/note book
Electronic ear defenders

Optional equipment:
Mat to lay on
Lawn chair
Spotting scope
Rain gear

Note, We will be outside all day on the range so plenty of fluids are a must if the temperature is high.
You will spend most of the day looking at the mirage and or wind through your rifle scope or spotting scope vs shooting.

Start time is 0900 in the classroom on Kingston range, finish time is 1600.  Park by the water tower.

Cost is $ 75.00 per student. 6 students minimum or the class does not go.  Registration and payment via EMT is required in advance and class size is limited to 18 students.

Register using the form below.    Payment can be made by EMT to before the start of the class.  You will be contacted once your pre-registration and payment have been received confirming that a spot has been reserved for you.

 Due to the small number of spots, please consider your registration a commitment that you will be attending.  No refunds are available.

Please check the ORA calendar 24hrs in advance of each class for last minute cancellations due to weather, range availability, etc.

I can be contacted via e-mail at

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