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Day One of the 133rd ORA Annual Matches was warm and sunny, with a changeable, somewhat fickle breeze. The entry is a little lower than usual, with competing attractions (??) such as the mini-Palma at Camp Perry, the Smallbore Nationals in Eastern Ontario, and the earlier than usual start next week of the DCRA F Class Championship. The number of cadets is also down, for reasons that I won't go into. Overall there are 60 TR shooters and 20 F Class shooters entered, though not all are shooting on all three days.

Three individual matches were fired, each of 10 shots: the Gibson at 300yds, the Bankers' at 500yds and the President's at 900yds. The day finished with a match for coached teams of 4 at 1000yds, with 3 TR, 3 F Class and 7 Cadet Teams taking part. I don't yet have the results of the latter, but I attach preliminary lists of the individual events. These results will become final when the period for protests ends overnight.

There are four matches tomorrow, which make up Part I of the Lieutenant Governor's Match. The weather is again forecast to be good.

Day Two: This was another good day of shooting - sunny and warm, with a testing wind. Everything proceeded very smoothly, so that the four ranges had been fired, the stats compiled and we were off the range soon after 5 PM.

Scores from yesterday are now 'final', as are those from this morning. So the Gibson (300y), Bankers' (500y), President's (900y), Tait (300y) and Brassey (500y) Matches are done. Shooters have until first thing in the morning to complain about the Macdonald Stewart (600y) and John Brick (900y), after which the day's aggregate and qualification for the Lt. Governor's Final can be settled. I also attach the Mercer (Grand) Aggregate to date, with two ranges yet to be completed.

In the morning, there are the Des Burke (600y) and Long Branch (1000y) Matches, with the Final and prize giving in the afternoon. The weather continues to look good, and we may enjoy the almost unprecedented pleasure of not having the Des Burke rained out for a second year. I trust I do not speak too soon!

Day 3: The 133rd ORA Annual matches were successfully completed at Base Borden on Sunday. The weather remained fine, warm and sunny throughout - no sign of a Des Burke wash-out this year! With two 1000 yards shoots, and a variable wind, scores were pretty varied, meaning hat some significant changes of position in the major aggregates took place. The files of the more important ones are attached. Some of the data still needs a final check, and some of the print-outs need massaging. I'll do that as quickly as possible.

The two major competitions which the day's shooting concluded were:
The Mercer Memorial Grand Aggregate -  F Class winner Jim Farrell; TR winner Scott Murray
The Lt. Governor's - F Class Tomas Bledowski, TR Bruce Bullock

Many of the Cadets, both RCAC and ACF, shot extremely well.

And now to Ottawa and the DCRA next week.

Winner of the 2014 TR Lt. Governor's Match is Bruce Bullock and winner of the 2014 F Class Lt. Governor's Match is Tomas Bledowski.

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The Ontario Rifle Association will be running a Wind /Mirage clinic at CFB Borden Mons range on August 23, 2014 for ORA and non ORA members.

Details and Registration Here

Thursday, July 10, 2014 - 10:00
Monday, June 23, 2014 - 09:17

ORA Annual is August 8-10, 2014 - Registration form is on the website here.

The ORA has blocked 10 rooms at the Red Pine at $135.00/night. Interested parties can call the front desk at 1-705-435-4381 to reserve

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Winona Range Changes

July 5th  - is now a Recreational Shoot.

July 26th - is now a Vintage Rifle Shoot

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