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Jim Thompson

It is with sadness that we announce the passing of DCRA Life Governor Dr. Jim
Thompson at Peterborough Regional Health Centre on April 12 th while recuperating from
illness. Jim left peacefully surrounded by daughters Claire, Eva and former wife Marion
who all made his final days very comfortable. Jim is survived by grand children Peter and
Stephanie, sister Sue, stepmother Liz and brother Peter, who is a regular competitor at
Jim came from an army family spending his early years in varied and exotic places
including India, Denmark and Cyprus. His love for shooting began while shooting
smallbore and then progressing to .303 while receiving his early education at St.
Lawrence College where in his senior year made the School Eight winning the Ashburton
Shield at Bisley. He later studied at Cambridge University where he graduated with his
Ph.D in 1965 and during that time continued to be involved in shooting representing his
Yorkshire county team and Cambridge U in numerous National competitions.
He spent the first two years of his teaching career at Rice University in Houston, Texas
before being offered a position at University of Toronto in 1967 where he became
Professor of Chemistry, eventually heading the department until retiring in 2003.
With a young family and a new job Jim waited until 1970 before enjoying his long
shooting and coaching career when he entered both the ORA Provincials and DCRA
Nationals for the first time. He got on track early placing second behind winner Don Hall
in the 1971 Lt Gov General’s final, which he eventually won in 1976. Once Jim became a
Canadian citizen in 1972 he was able to qualify for Bisley teams, which he did four years
in a row making the trip in 1972 and again in 1975 before an increasing administrative
load started to take its effect but that didn’t stop him from shooting on the 1972, 1973 &
1979 Palma Teams and then Captaining and coaching the winning 1982 Team. He also
coached on the 1985 Palma team and again Captained the 1988 Team. Jim also went to
Bisley as coach on the 1982, 1986 and 1999 teams and served as Bisley Team Adjutant
and Commandant on two occasions each. Marion and Jim loved visiting Bisley to renew
friendships as often as possible eventually purchasing a caravan and rented a site from the
the NRA to enjoy the competitions each summer when he wasn’t involved in an official
capacity with the Canadian Team. Jim eventually moved to the F Class discipline in later
years enjoying vigorous and relentless competition with friends including Colin Brown,
Paul Reibin and Bill Wylde for honours, bottle caps, vintage wines and aged single malts
while usually being served gourmet meals prepared by Stan Frost with fresh linen from a
park bench.
Jim also had a passion and talent for organizing Teams to other parts of the world. In
1978 he captained a team to Trinidad and Barbados and it should be noted the 1988
Canadian Palma Team to Australia was go big or go home as seventy DCRA members
traveled with the Team at some stage of its eight week tour that also included stops in
New Zealand, Bangkok and Hong Kong.
But as much as his shooting and coaching skills have helped Canadian teams, it is in the
organizing of the ORA and DCRA that his greatest contribution has been made to the
sport. At the Provincial level Jim was a huge contributor to the day to day activities of the
ORA holding the position of Secretary early on and Membership Secretary which he was
responsible for up until only ten years ago. He also supported many discipline activities
with Marion volunteering to do the statistics for large competitions including the annual
cadet indoor Smallbore and outdoor Fullbore Championships and the ORA Central
Militia Area Service Conditions competitions that included up to 350 competitors and
150 support staff. He became ORA Chairman of Council in 1976 until 1983 and during
that time he, Marion and Edith Vamplew organized a large ORA Team that went to
Bisley in 1977, he also joined the next large Ontario team in 1990 as head coach. In 1981
Jim organized the ORA’s 100 th Anniversary Provincial Championships and Captained the
winning CP International Team Match that included teams from Great Britain and the
West Indies. Jim was recognized for his provincial support in 1986 receiving an Ontario
Special Achievement Award for volunteer contributions and was made a Life Member
and Life Governor of the Association the same year.
Jim joined the DCRA Council and Executive in 1973 and throughout the years supported
almost every Committee including co-editing the Canadian Marksman with Marion
starting in 1977 until 1999, producing up to three editions a year, Classification, Rules,
etc etc. He joined the MacDonald Stewart Pavilion Committee in 1984 which he was
very active in supporting up until his passing. He chaired the Program Committee for
close to fifteen years and during that time helped organize very successful National
Championships including heading up many of the details as Match Director for the
DCRA’s hosting of the Palma World Championships in 2007. At a senior level Jim
supported the DCRA as Executive Vice President for twelve years retiring in 1995 when
Stan Frost took over the reigns of leadership. He also pitched in and took on the position
as interim Executive Director on two occasions when the Association was between full
time Directors. Jim also took on the position of Vice-Chairman of Council from Colin
Brown supporting the position until his passing. His most recent responsibilities included
being the Comptroller and Chairman of the International Teams Committee. Jim also
enjoyed assisting the International community wherever possible supporting both ICFRA
and CSF. He was very pleased when asked to be a jury member at the Commonwealth
Games in 2006 (Melbourne), 2010 (India) and 2014 (Glasgow).
As mentioned, one of Jim’s passions was supporting the MacDonald Stewart Pavilion in
Bisley but it became more of a family responsibility for Jim as he enjoyed a strong
relationship with Mrs. Liliane Stewart and Bruce Bolton while she was a Life Governor
and Honorary Commandant of the Bisley Team and was very honoured when asked to be
one of her pallbearers in 2014 along with Colin Brown and Des Vamplew.
Jim has received numerous acknowledgements for his many years of support to the
DCRA including being made a Life Member and Life Governor in 1990 and being
inducted into the DCRA Hall of Fame Builders Category in 2005. The NRA(UK) also
recognized his many years of promoting relations between the NRA and DCRA by
fostering competition between the UK and Canada by making him a NRA Vice President
a few years ago. NRA Chairman John Webster honoured this appointment by inviting
Jim to be the presenter at the 2016 awards ceremony.
To sum up, from this point of view Jim Charlton (JC) Thompson was a driven man who
was blessed with three loves……his family, education and the Fullbore community.
Through it all Jim led the Association with wisdom, fairness and good humour. He made
many friends during his travels and when communicating online was always thinking
outside the box looking forward to the next event. We all couldn’t have asked for more
from someone who was a friend who felt any situation could be solved through intelligent
conversation and a social beverage. His leadership will be missed.
Des Vamplew
Executive Vice President, DCRA

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The Ontario Rifle Associations Annual General Meeting will be held on Saturday, March 3rd, at the Royal Canadian Legion (Branch 13), located at 1577 Kingston Road in Scarborough just east of Birchmount Road, commencing at 11:30am. Lunch will be served at approximately 12:45

This years meeting is earlier than usual taking into account a busy month of weekend activities including March Break, the Toronto Sportsman Show, the DCRA's AGM and a early Easter this year. 

We look forward to seeing as many members as possible at this years meeting. 

Wednesday, October 4, 2017 - 06:43

Participants will be contacted with options for another day

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