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Year Match Name Match Results (PDF) File Size
2009 Mercer Agg. Mercer Agg 2009.pdf 26.92 KB
2009 Macdonald Stewart Macdonald Stewart 2009.pdf 22.9 KB
2009 Lt. Governor's Final Lt Governors Final 2009.pdf 21.41 KB
2009 Long Range Agg. Long Range Agg 2009.pdf 24.44 KB
2009 Long Branch Long Branch 2009.pdf 22.54 KB
2009 Jubilee Agg. Jubilee Agg 2009.pdf 24.83 KB
2009 Gibson Gibson 2009.pdf 35.55 KB
2009 Friday Agg. Friday Agg 2009.pdf 27.1 KB
2009 Canada Dry Agg. Canada Dry Agg 2009.pdf 20.11 KB
2009 Bankers Bankers 2009.pdf 22.49 KB
2008 Tait Tait 2008.pdf 30.26 KB
2008 Short Range Agg. Short Range Agg 2008.pdf 25.57 KB
2008 President's Presidents 2008.pdf 29.79 KB
2008 Ottawa Agg. Ottawa Agg 2008.pdf 22.11 KB
2008 Mercer Mercer 2008.pdf 26.78 KB
2008 Macdonald Stewart Macdonald Stewart 2008.pdf 28.76 KB
2008 Lt. Governor's Final Lt Governors Final 2008.pdf 19.62 KB
2008 Long Branch Long Branch 2008.pdf 29.69 KB
2008 Jubilee Agg. Jubilee Agg 2008.pdf 24.37 KB
2008 Gibson Gibson 2008.pdf 30.04 KB

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